High Expectatons go Unfullfilled in 2004

The Mohigan Boys wanted to be in the situation of high expectations and they
certainly were. Everyone was picking them to win it all. With the loss to
Huntington in the quarterfinals, many believers were shocked. Where this is
a disappointing situation, we should be proud of all of the accomplishments
of this team and program.
Is still the winningest AAA team in the 2000's (in West Virginia)
Has been to states 3 years in a row, 4 of the past 5 seasons
Has won the sectional several years in a row
Has won two NCAC crowns in a row
Won NCAC Championships 2 years in a row at the 9th and JV levels

To say nothing of the success of our graduates, which is what the MHS
program can always pride itself on. This group of seniors will be very
successful, I'm sure. Three of them already have offers to play in college
and the other two have their college plans set.

Motown has a lot of talent returning, and looks like it will be state
contenders, again. They will just reload. It will be a different looking
team next year. I will interview a few of the players that are returning,
and let you know what they think of next year, in my next report. But I
think they will be fast and furious. Pressing will be the main objective for
the next Tom Yester team. The JV's were 19-1 and played with a lot of heart.
Mix that with the Juniors and you have a tremendous mix of talent. It will
be what some believe is the most exciting team at MHS in some time. Here's
hoping they work hard between seasons and improve on the weaknesses. So for
now: Thanks to the seniors for setting the MHS program on the right path.
You will always be appreciated and remembered.

Johnny Mohigan

scoop for the day: Coach Yester is trying to schedule Huntington next year