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This article appeared in the Dominion Post Newspaper on June 18, 2004.
6-foot-4 Quinn the latest in family line to play basketball for Morgantown High

Ron Rittenhouse/The Dominion Post

Quinn Law works against a teammate in practice Thursday, at the Morgantown High gym.


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Just when North Central Athletic Conference basketball coaches had cozied up to the idea of facing a Morgantown High team without a Law in the lineup, along comes ...

You guessed it, another Law.

Exit Kameron Law, enter Quinn Law.

Now for the really bad news, NCAC coaches:

The 6-foot-4 Quinn Law is a shorter, more athletic version of older brother Kameron, a 6-7 standout who averaged 11.2 points per game last season in leading the Mohigans to the state tournament for the third straight year.

Quinn Law is the fourth Law sibling to play basketball at MHS, following brothers Thad and Kameron and sister Kellan, who now plays at UNC Greensboro.

In 2006, Quinn Law will be joined on the varsity by the baby of the family, 6-1 Elliott Law, who will play for MHS's junior-varsity team this season.

"He's a lot more athletic than I am," Quinn said. "It goes down the line. The younger you are, the more athletic you are. They say he's the most athletic Law."

Quinn Law started for MHS's jayvees last season and is expected to provide a rebounding, shot-blocking presence the Mohigans have lacked.

"Quinn Law is going to be extremely important because he's probably our most athletic kid at 6-4," MHS coach Tom Yester said. "He's got a big role if he's willing to accept it there, as the old 'Mission Impossible' theme said."

Make no mistake about it: The latest Law to wear an MHS varsity uniform accepts the challenge.

"I expect to play a lot of defense, blocking shots, grabbing boards and maybe scoring seven or eight points a game," he said after a recent workout, at MHS gym. "I don't expect to score all that much, just grab about 10 to 12 rebounds a game. That's what I'd really like to do."

Quinn Law has the ability to change the flow of the game in ways Kameron, who will play at West Virginia State this season, never could.

"Kameron's a face-the-basket guy; Quinn's a back-to-the-basket guy, so he's really much more of a power player, a low-post player," Yester said. "Kameron was more of a wing player who had to play a lot of post."

Quinn Law doesn't mind the inevitable comparisons with Kameron, although they weren't always so easy to live with.

"It was a little tough for him sometimes in middle school following me," said Kameron, who will play in tonight's North-South all-star game, in Charleston.

"I had to go through the same thing when my brother Thad played basketball here, and I had to live up to his expectations and everybody else's. I tell Quinn not to worry about it. I'm done and gone. My time was great while I was here, and I was happy for it. Now, it's his time, and he should enjoy it while he's got it. Don't try to live up to any expectations of anybody else. Just play your game."

Quinn Law has made his peace with the notion that people are always going to want to compare and contrast the Law children when it comes to their basketball skills.

"People say I'm a lot more athletic than Kameron," Quinn said. "I know I'm not going to grow to be as tall as him or shoot as well as him. They say I'm more athletic, can jump higher and run with the best of them.

"He can put the ball on the floor better than I can. I know how to do the drop step and baby hook. I'm a little bit bigger than him. That's why I'm better back to the basket."

Kameron Law, who has been practicing with the MHS team in summer workouts, has little doubt his brother will make a smooth transition to varsity competition this season.

"I think Quinn can come out there and be an impact player, give coach some good minutes, rebound the ball, score in the post and play some good defense," he said.

"He's getting stronger in the weight room. I see a lot of promise in the future. I think Quinn's going to be a pretty good player, and hopefully he'll have a successful year on the varsity."

Quinn is already feeling a positive vibe from this MHS team, despite the loss of starters Kameron Law, Tyler Benson and Ben Torsney.

"I'm pretty sure it's going to be a good team," he said. "We've got three scorers -- Migel Lockett, Chris Carey and Marlan Robinson -- then we've got Dusty Kerns and me adding five to seven points a game. I think we'll be pretty good."