The Mohigan JV team will feature multiple weapons for 2004-05 season. "This team will have the ability to play many different styles," said Coach Jeff Hoffman. "We have shooters, quickness, and size. We will use different combinations of players, in every game."
First, the size. Leading the way is 6’6 sophomore, Cameron Taylor. "Cameron has really improved and is coming into his own," said Hoffman. "He will benefit from playing against Quinn Law and Rush Holt, every day in practice." Coming from the football team is 6’5 Huston Strader. "Huston has a lot of skill to go along with his physical play," added Coach Hoffman. "Nathan Pearson (6’3, junior) will add depth to the position as he is a combo player that can do a little bit of everything. He was not a part of the program last season, but worked hard to put himself in a position to make the team this year."
MHS will be able to put athletes out on the floor as well. Showing the way is the immensely improved Elliott Law (6’3 soph.). "El has really developed during the off season. He hit the weight room hard and this really improved his confidence," he said. "JT Lewis (6’3 soph.) and Derek Long (6’1 soph.) can really pressure and have made themselves into offensive threats from the perimeter. They will be hard to stop, but there strength is defense."
Shooting will be a staple with this team as Hoffman will have a stable of players to choose from. Leading the way will be 6’1 Jared Ramsey. "Jared is a terrific shooter and can play all three guard positions. He will be the leader of this team. Jamie Karraker (6’2 soph.) is the hardest worker in the program and has made himself into a terrific player. He had over 40 points in a fall league game and his teammates know to get him the ball. Josh Matheny (6’2 soph.) has really improved his strength and can score from anywhere on the floor. Andrew Saab (6’1 soph.) has the best vertical leap in the program and has worked on his ability to take it to the basket."
"I am looking forward to working with this team," said Hoffman. "I have known these boys since they were in 5th grade and have enjoyed watching them grow up. These guys have really made themselves into players, and I am looking forward to watching their success on the floor. We are more interested in development than winning, but with this group I think we can have both."
Morgantown opens its season next Tuesday at Preston. Game time is 5:45 at the Castle.