Well a lot has happened in the past couple of weeks and everyone seems to be down. Marlan is recovering and will be fine in time and Elliott's status is day to day. In the meantime I have watched the last two games against UHS and Preston. The team seems to need to find itself. It looks like they have been relying on other people to carry them for most of the season and those people are not here anymore. I believe that the players and coaches will ban together and get the job done. One of the coaches told me that if they get a little time, everyone will settle into their new role. Everyone's character will be revealed as the team tries to put the pieces together and finish the season strong.

The JV's took their first loss against UHS. University shot the lights out and beat us in transition. They got too many open shots and they knocked them down. Our guys will have to go into the next game with them a little more focused. I thought the defense was terrific at Preston. Preston could hardly get a shot off in the first half. This week the will face a pair of tough tests as they face both North Marion and Wheeling Park.

The freshman team defeated UHS twice this season. UHS has been the best competition they have faced. This last game they held a 20 point lead at halftime and hung on for a 6 point win. They won three games this week and have a 14-1 record.
Everybody needs to keep the prayers coming and come out and support the team.

Mohigan Journal
January 10, 2006
By Johnny Mohigan

The Mohigan program is off to a great start in the new year. I watched the MHS 9th grade team take the Hawks apart last evening. Coach VanVoorhis and his young Mohigans look like a “well oiled” machine. The “Wizard of Edgewood” appears to be at it again. The poise with which his team played was remarkable. The 65-48 score was really impressive seeing that the Hawks had an 11-2 advantage in the first quarter. UHS came into the game with a 6-1 record and are one of the best UHS freshmen team in recent memory. Coach Fortney will have his young Hawks ready for a rematch later in the month. Wheeling Park will bring a good team to the MAC next Monday evening. There were several Varsity and JV players up on Hawk Hill for the game the other night. I hope more will come out and watch next Monday. I believe this is something that sets our program apart from others, the support for (caring) each other's team. As of today we have a combined 21-1 record between all 3 teams.

The JV squad was very impressive in its wins over the two Parkersburg teams last month. They went into The Rod Oldham Athletic Center (Parkersburg South) and routed two undefeated teams. First it was Parkersburg by a score of 65-48 and then they routed South by a score of 78-61. Many players have led the team in statistics. They play a fun brand of basketball and are fun to watch.

The Varsity pulled to 7-1 and find themselves ranked third in West Virginia as they prepare for a game at Moundsville on Friday evening. Its always tough to win in the northern panhandle. I watched them beat a good Brooke team last Friday night. Brooke turned around the next night and beat Wheeling Park. The crowd at our game on Friday night was about 700-800. That is not bad, but this team will draw good crowds as the season goes along. They are fun to watch. Below you will find the NCAC standings as of January 10. Until next time, GO MOHIGANS!

Submitted by: Johnny Mohigan

Team Overall record Conference record
1. University 6-0 5-0
2. Morgantown 7-1 4-0
3. West Fairmont 3-3 2-1
4. Preston 4-4 2-3
5. North Marion 2-5 1-2
6. Buckhannon 2-3 1-3
7. East Fairmont 2-4 1-3
8. Elkins 2-6 0-4

Mohigan Journal
Dec. 8, 2005
By Johnny Mohigan

Congratulations to the football team. They sure made us proud again this year, and John Hatfield, JT Lewis and Andrew Garcia sure made a difference for the team. That last name may be a new one for you. Andrew and his younger brother Matt (9th grade point guard) moved here over the summer from Washington State. We are glad to have them and I was told they are going to have an impact on this year's JV and freshman teams.

Speaking of the freshman team, they won very easily over Preston on Tuesday evening. Coach V said he was pleased with the start of his youngsters. Four guys were in double figures and almost everyone scored. MHS 9th grade will host Elkins this Thursday evening at the Clyde Gym. Game time will be 6:00 p.m.

The Varsity and JV will host Beckley this Saturday evening at 5:00 in the MAC. Beckley is favored by some to win the state championship this season. Our team is one of the best 5 teams in the state as well. It will be a great scrimmage. Coach Hoffman told me that the addition of the football players at practice is helping tremendously. Both the JV and Varsity have practiced together for the first 3 weeks and each team had limited repetitions because of the extended football season. Now that the team is complete, both teams have enough players to go five on five at the same time. Preparation for this week's scrimmage has been improved and our teams should do much better as a result. He felt that the scrimmage against GW was a poor showing by our Varsity.

MHS opens its season next Wednesday at home, the JV's at 5:45 will host Preston. Then on Saturday, next week our Varsity will play at the Hoops Classic in Charleston at 4:45.

Until then, GO MOHIGANS!

Nov. 30, 2005
By Johnny Mohigan

George Washington will bring their highly rated and highly respected team to the MAC this Thursday eve. The scrimmage will begin at 6:00. This should be a good test for MHS as they prepare for the season. It is unfortunate that the football team's season overlaps into basketball, but give Coach Yester credit for scheduling this scrimmage at this time. It allows the players that are already playing a chance to show what they can do. I was told that a few JV's would help fill out the roster for this game. I can't wait to see our players in action.

The football team plays in the state championship at Wheeling on Saturday. The game is scheduled for 12:00, noon. John Hatfield and JT Lewis have played vital roles on this year's team and are expected to play even bigger roles on the 2005-06 basketball team. Without the football players for the scrimmage, MHS will be at a disadvantage. I am sure Coach Yester and his team will do just fine. It is just a learning experience.

The freshmen team will begin play next Tuesday at Preston. Coach V is very excited about this group and says they are working very hard. It should be a group that can “run and gun” and put a lot of points on the board. Many of the players can play different positions. Coach Tampoya, the MYBO coach mentioned one day, that this group has done better against AAU teams than most of his teams. It will great watching them against NCAC competition.

The Varsity and JV will scrimmage Beckley next Saturday at the MAC. Times will be announced, next week.

Until then…. Go Mohigans!


Well it's that time again, Hoops time! I caught up with one of the coaches and asked him how things are going. The team roster is nearly set, with the exception of the football players. It is most likely that the team will be without those guys for another week. Of the guys that are at practice, things are going well. Coach Yester added Coach Kerns to his staff and I was told that he is helping a lot, bringing in new ideas. Coach Kerns has long been known as one of the best coaches in the area. He coached at St. Francis before its closure, then went to University as an assistant. Most recently, he coached several undefeated seasons as South Middle's girls coach. Most people will be more familiar with his son Dusty, who starred for the Mohigan's the past few years and is now playing at Lebanon Valley in PA.
Speaking of players in College, many former players have been spotted at practice this week. Ben Torsney (playing at Allegheny, Pa), Nick Hedges, John Oliver (playing at Carnegie Mellon), Andrew Dunn and Justin Kalafat stopped in on Wednesday. On Tuesday, Chris Carey (playing at Fairmont) came by. I saw where Chris had 23 in a comeback win for FSU on Monday night. He will make a spectacular player for them.
Kameron Law (WV State) and Tyler Benson (St. Boneventure) have games this weekend and are not able to come home this weekend. I am amazed at how many of our players are playing in college. It speaks well of the strength of the program.
It is official that Derek Long will not play this year. He will have surgery after the season and will be out until late spring and plans to join the team for summer workouts. I am sure he will be in the front row of the Rowdy Society, rooting on his teammates.
John Hatfield had, perhaps his best football game of the year, last week against South Charleston. Look for an even better game this Friday evening. I think Coach Bower's team will be ready and win by 4 touchdowns or more. I hope so, but if they don't, then its on to basketball for Hatfield and JT Lewis. I here there are a few others coming out, but I don't think they have ever played at MHS. I didn't recognize their names.
As for preseason scrimmages, MHS will play George Washington and Beckley. These are two of the top three teams in the state. Beckley will play here on Saturday Dec. 10. The GW scrimmage is not scheduled, yet.
Here are my preseason rankings, not including MHS (I'm too biased, but we belong in the top five).
1. Huntington
2. Beckley
3. George Washington
4. Jefferson
5. South Charleston
6. Wheeling Park
7. Parkersburg South
8. University
9. Martinsburg

We play six of these teams, so we will know where we stand soon enough.
I am told that Marlin Robinson is in the best shape of his life and is proving to be a great leader. Apparently, there are times he is dominating practice. Elliott Law has been a pleasant surprise for the coaches. He is using his athletic ability better than ever and bringing energy to practice. I can't wait to see him play. He really improved last year and had 20 some points against Parkersburg South this summer in a game at our gym. I am told that Jamie Karraker and Jared Ramsey are really playing well. They are pure shooters and will be a hard guard for our opponents. Jeff Lindsay will retain the point position, after starting there last year. The post position is where the most competition is. Kam Taylor (6'7), Rush Holt (6'5) and Nathan Pearson (6'4) provide much needed size and strength to the team. Several sophomores are vying for playing time on the varsity. It should prove very interesting.
I will talk with Coach VanVoorhis and Hoffman about their teams next week. Until then… Happy Thanksgiving and
Johnny Mohigan