Area teams make a top 10 argument
SINCE THE BOYS’ HIGH school basketball preseason state rankings were released on December 11th there have been no updates in the polls.
But, this week the newest rankings will come out and quite a few of the area’s teams have made a case for themselves.
The main reason for the lack of updates on the preseason polls was so the voters could have a better understanding of what each team is really made of.
Now that the season is well underway, it’s starting to become much clearer just what each team has to offer and a big shakeup is very likely.
Morgantown High opened the season as the state’s ninth ranked team and is currently the only local team ranked.
At this point in the season, the Mohigans have done nothing, really, to help or hurt their cause, as they are currently sitting on a 4-2 record, and by most voters are considered very good.
Then again, there are a lot of good teams at the Class AAA level this year and there is a chance that the Mohigans could drop out. Then again, even if that does occur, I don’t think it will be long before the Mohigans claw their way back in again.
A Class AAA team that has helped its cause is Preston High School (5-2) who has had a very respectable year thus far.
Already the Knights have a better record than three teams currently ranked in the top ten and have won more games than first ranked team (South Charleston 4-1) and third ranked team (Bridgeport 4-1).
With their only losses coming in close games on the road at Morgantown and at sixth ranked Martinsburg (8-1), there is a very good chance the Knights will make the top ten this week.
At the Class AA level a local team undoubtedly on the rise is Grafton High School (6-2).
After a slow start the Bearcats have won six games in a row and their most recent victory turned some heads as they beat Class AAA Robert C. Byrd. RCB was 7-0 prior to the game and entered the season ranked tenth.
A team that doesn’t get talked about a whole lot, Trinity Christian School (3-1), also has the potential to make its first appearance in the top ten this week.
The only loss on the season, so far for the Warriors, was to Class AA Grafton and even that game was a nail biter.
Trinity is working with a lot of depth and is getting points from the entire team. Right now, the Warriors have three players averaging more than 11 points per game and the team as a whole is averaging 70 points per game.
True, they have only played four games. But, if the Warriors continue scoring like they have been it won’t matter if they’re ranked this week because they’ll jump into the top ten eventually.
Prior to the season, the local teams may not have been given the respect that they deserved in the polls. However, with the way the season has played out so far, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few new names in the top ten after this week is over.
ERIC HANLON is a sports reporter for The Dominion Post. Write to him at


The Dominion Post’s Eric Hanlon picks the area’s top 10 teams.
1. Grafton boys’ basketball — While some of the other area teams struggled this week, the Bearcats did not. That, paired with the area’s leading scorer, Damon Waters, and you get a number one ranking.
2. UHS girls’ basketball — The Hawks struggled in a loss against Martinsburg last week, but will undoubtedly turn things around. They are probably still the most complete team out there.
3. MHS boys’ basketball — It’s hard to believe that the Mohigans have just now won two straight games for the first time all year. What is impressive is how they dismantled a very good Parkersburg South team to do it.
4. MHS girls’ basketball — The Mohigans have not played to their potential thus far, but it’s only a matter of time until this sleeping giant wakes up. Look for them to have a big week.
5. PHS boys’ basketball — The Knights have quietly put together a very solid season. As of now, they even have a better record than Morgantown and University, but losing to Morgantown earlier in the year keeps them from being higher on this list.
6. PHS girls’ basketball — The Knights continue to be full of surprises and are only a win or two away from last year’s season win total. The question you have to ask yourself now is, are they for real?
7. Trinity boys’ basketball — The Warriors haven’t been able to play too many games yet this year, but so far no one at the Class A level has been able to beat them.
8. Trinity girls’ basketball — Similar to the boy’s team, the Warriors have been a handful for all the Class A teams they have played. Unfortunately, they have a very young team and have not yet stepped up against some of the bigger schools.
9. Grafton wrestling — The Bearcats have lost a few matches of late, but apparently that isn’t enough to hurt them in the long run as they are still ranked ninth in the state.
10. UHS boys’ basketball — OK, so the Hawks have a losing record. But, this team has some potential. Last week they got revenge over an early season loss to Buckhannon-Upshur and now that Cole Messenger seems to be at full strength, look out.