Coach V Retires, Denny Caruso Takes over Frosh

Word has been circulating recently that the highly successful and respected Freshman Coach Lindsay Van Voorhis has retired. During a recent meeting in July, the Mon County Board of Education accepted his resignation and hired history teacher, Denny Caruso as his replacement.

“Coach VanVoorhis will be greatly missed and we are thankful for all the hard work and dedication that he gave to our program over the years,” said Coach Hoffman. “He was highly successful and worked extremely well with kids that are at the 9th grade level. He had great patience and really broke things down for our players, giving them a solid base. He helped usher in the ninth graders when MHS started accepting freshmen, in the early 2000’s,” added Coach Hoffman. “Much of the success of the current program can be directly attributed to him. I think we will see him at many practices and games over the next few seasons as he is always welcome at Morgantown High.”

Coach Caruso, former Varsity coach at Buckhannon High has moved and taken over the reigns of the program. “We have been meeting with Coach Caruso, mapping out our strategy, and getting his ideas and input,” Hoffman said. “He brings a wealth of knowledge and was very successful at Buckhannon.” He always fielded good teams, even though many times they were undermanned. “They always played us very well, even in the recent past, which are some of the best teams in the history of Mohigan Basketball. He will help a lot and any time you can get fresh ideas, it’s a good thing.” Visit Coach V's personal page at this link. Coach V

The Freshmen schedule has not been released yet. Mr. Erenrich is working on some additions. The first Freshman practice will be November 5th at 3:00 in the Clyde Gym.