The 7th and 8th grade MYBO teams went to Zanesville over the weekend and came away
with impressive finishes. The 7th grade playing as a split squad came in third place and the 8th grade claimed the championship.

For the 8th grade, Dean Marshall scored 18 points and had 9 rebounds in the quarterfinals, and Nathan Adrian led the team with 24 points, 7 blocks and 11 rebounds in the semifinals leading Morgantown to a 56-51 victory over Triple G from Pittsburgh. Also in the semifinals, Austin Agnew did his “Dikembe” impersonation with 7 blocks and 6 steals. Agnew had 9 points and 10 rebounds as well. Nick Colasante averaged 15 points per game in the tournament, but came up particularly huge with a 19 point 9 rebound effort in the 66-58 championship victory over Team Jordan from Central Ohio. Team Jordan is sponsored by Kevin Martin of the Sacramento Kings. Also in the championship Blaine Stewart hit a big three pointer to help the Mohigans keep Team Jordan from creeping back into the game. Mark Johnson came away with 5 points and three steals in the championship and Daniel Eby added 6 points and 8 rebounds. Jordan Malone also helped the team with his defensive effort and several blocked shots in the tournament. The 8th graders will travel to Connellsville next Wednesday.

The 7th grade lost in the semifinals. They will also travel to Connellsville next Wednesday evening. The teams were coached by Kameron Law, Swifty Shaver, Jim Barnett and Jeff Hoffman.