Adrian is attracting attention

MHS junior draws coaches and scouts

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The Triple S Harley-Davidson Jam Fest always draws some of the country’s top college basketball prospects to Morgantown.
This year, one of those prospects didn’t have far to travel. In fact, he played his first game of the Jam Fest in his high school gymnasium.
Morgantown High rising junior Nathan Adrian played at MHS on Thursday with the West Virginia Wildcats Select 16-under team. Led by Adrian, the Wildcats defeated the Virginia Rapids, 60-40.
In attendance for the game were a bevy of college scouts and coaches, many of whom were there to see Adrian.
“I’d like to think my chances are good at being a [Division I] player, but I don’t know. It’s not my choice,” Adrian said modestly.
Those that have coached Adrian weren’t quite as timid about his potential.
“He’s going to be a Division I basketball player. There is no question about that,” Wildcats coach Phil Miron said. “What level he’s at depends on how much work he puts in. Right now, he could go to Radford or he could go to WVU. Could be Big East, could be Big South. I have no doubt he’ll be playing D-I ball. The only question is where.”
MHS head coach Tom Yester was also in attendance to watch Adrian, and reaffirmed Miron’s point.
“I don’t think there’s any doubt that he’ll be a Division I basketball player. I think he is right now as far as people being interested in him,” Yester said.
Virginia Tech, WVU, Ohio, Georgetown and James Madison are among the teams Adrian and Yester mention were interested in the 6-foot-8 Mohigans star. James Madison is the only school to extend an offer to Adrian so far.
“I’d like to stay here” at WVU, Adrian said. “But I like Virginia Tech, too.”
Adrian has worked out at both Virginia Tech and WVU, but as the years go on he is expected to gain even more attention.
“He has a tremendous upside and is a great kid character-wise. I mean, he has guard skills for a 6-foot-8 kid. That’s a big asset,” Miron said. “But, he has a long way to go to reach his goals. He’s got to get his body right and he’s got to get a little tougher mentally, but all the tools are there.”
Yester praised Adrian’s game.
“He’s passing the ball well, he’s rebounding well and he’s blocking a few shots,” Yester said. “And the difference between him and a lot of other kids is, he is 6-foot-8 and can dribble and shoot. His ticket is going to be the total game.”
Yester, though, would like to see Adrian put on about 15 pounds — he’s 190 now — which would allow him to reach his full potential.
“His body needs to catch up and he needs to gain a little weight,” Yester said. “I also think he needs to learn to be a little more proficient with his back to the basket. But he’s doing a lot of good things and he’s on the right track.”
All the Wildcats’ players except one are native West Virginians. A few other in-state players on Adrian’s team include Luke Eddy (George Washington), Mark Winters (Magnolia), Q.J. Peterson (Hedgesville), Mackenzie Martin (Chapmanville) and Austin Brewer (Tolsia).
“This is the best team in the state of West Virginia,” Adrian said, “and I wanted to play with the best so I can be my best.”

Ron Rittenhouse/The Dominion Post
Morgantown High’s Nathan Adrian likes WVU and Virginia Tech for now.