Mohigan Journal- November 20
We are back at it again and I see many encouraging things going on for our players. We have cut the team down to 15 and will add about 4 football players after their season is complete. Hopefully that will be in two weeks with a football championship. It has been a great off season and the community is still buzzing about the success of Mohigan Basketball over the past three years. Two state tournament appearances and two regional championships. We also have three straight sectional championships. But last year’s 22-4 record and one point loss to Cabell Midland in the semifinals was a great season. With a little fortune we would have won it all. These accomplishments have spurred our program to unprecidented off season committment. We have many kids lifting and working out on a regular basis. Its great and there are many surprises that will be displayed as the season goes on.
Many of the guys are not only getting stronger but they are growing. Kameron Law is the tallest at this point and has added some bulk to his 6’7 frame. Ben Torsney is 6’5 and weighs about 200 lbs, but is playing great. Ty Benson has added a couple of inches and is about 6’4 now. Drew Holt is 6’4 and is a lot stronger. If these guys keep growing we will be the tallest Mohigan team in some time, but as last year’s group proved,size can be over rated. Its the size of the heart that matters. Time will only tell the size of our hearts. Tim Williams and Chad Murray are offering great senior leadership so far and they look to be important parts of this team’s success.
The other night, Geremy showed his heart size as he played through a lot of pain to help lead the football team through a hard fought victory over UHS. Seth of course had the play of the game and Matt Simpson had the big interception to seal the victory. These guys have heart. When they join our basketball team, the size of the team’s heart will surely swell. Dan Dalton will be out for at least 4 more weeks as he heals from an automobile accident. We know not to question the size of his heart. He will be back in time for most of the season if things go as expected.
The locker room renovation is coming along and should be ready for the Mohigans to move into it in two weeks. Many players and parents have helped with the work and I think we will have the finest locker room in the state. It will have carpet,a refridgerator, reconditioned lockers, Stereo system from Sound Investments as well as a 32 inch TV with surround sound. Terry “Mc Gyver” Williams will do the intallation. The athletic department chipped in $800 worth of office furniture. The players and coaches are anticipating this upgrade with great enthusiasm.
The 9th grade team looks real good and this is a group that has done well all the way up through elementary and middle school. They are tall and talented. I believe they might be the best group we have had in some time. But once again, its the size of the heart not the amount of talent that determines how successful they will be. Coach V really likes their effort in practice.
It should be great year, we are all looking forwrd to it.

Scrimmage dates: Dec. 6 at Keyser
Dec. 15 Gerge Washington (at the MAC)

Go Mohigans!
Submitted by Coach Hoffman