By Johnny Mohigan

Tonight the Mohigans take on a tough North Marion squad on the
road at the Dog Pound. Many say this is the toughest place to play
in West Virginia. They have terrific fan support as their students
get into it much like we do. Hopefully some of my fellow classmates
will venture to Husky country to show their support. They are ranked
number three in the state and we are number four.
I watched the JV team the other night and I was very impressed
with how they pass and play. They took apart a good Preston team
and have an undefeated record. It seems like every night there is
a different leader, but they always shoot well. Coach Hoffman does
a good job of trying to play everyone as he helps build the team
for the future.
Our Freshman team must be pretty good as they are 11-1. They play
at home on Saturday at 1:00. I will check them out, hopefully others
will do the same.
I was really impressed with the locker room as it looks really
nice and the players that I have talked to say they really like it.
The stereo is awesome. No wonder our guys don't mind hanging out
there. They are lucky to be a part of such a fine program.
Next Thursday, MHS will play UHS on Hawk Hill. I am sure University
will play harder than last time. They are better than what they showed
during the last game. Hope to see you there.