The Pieces are Here

The pieces are here but that is exactly what they are right
now, pieces. We should be 4-0 right now but instead we are 2-2 and
have learned some valuable lessons that could pay big dividends later
in the season. We have outplayed every opponent so far until we get
to the the last 2 minutes. For some reason the players are committing
uncharacteristic mental errors. I know that the football players
are struggling with timing, but we expect so much more from them.
They will be fine as the season goes. We as coaches have a lot of
work to do to prepare for this problem. We feel that pressing this
team plays into our strength, but so far it hasn't. We'll work it
It is also discouraging to watch some of the good players on
our bench, not get enough playing time. However it does a disservice
to everyone if Coach Yester doesn't allow anyone to get into a rhythm
by constantly subbing. He will find a way to use everyone during
games at various times throughout the season.
On the positive side of things is we scored 81 points in the
win over Laurel Highlands. We just couldn't stop them as they were
on fire. Seth seems to be getting in to basketball form quickly as
he hit for 20 points. LH is going to win a lot of games this year
and they had a positive showing at our tournament. We would loved
to have played South Charleston, but it wasn't meant to be. They
said they would be back next year.
Speaking of the tournament, The Coaches against Cancer Organization
really did a wonderful job as they funded a wonderful meal and shirts
for the players. Denver Allan and Lora Williams are to be commended
for their service to this organization. Every team said they would
like to come back next year, and we have a waiting list for next
years tournament.
Now on to the rest of the season. We play at Elkins next Saturday.
This will give us a break as we have a week to prepare for this
game and work out a few kinks. Until then I hope everyone has a happy
New Year.
GO MOHIGANS-Coach Hoffman