by Johnny Mo Higan

Awesome. That is the only word I can think of to describe the win at North the other night. As I set at my computer, I wonder what our record would be if we didn’t have so many injuries early in the season. I guess it doesn’t matter, because, unlike football, the regular season in basketball doesn’t count. It is just preparation for the post season. But beating North on their home floor was something else. Their students got into it llike our Rowdie Society and it made it difficult for our guys. But our team kept its composure.
The JV’s lost a tough one on Thursday as they couldn’t get anything to fall, and didn’t get any inside points. They need the players on the inside to come through because you can’t always survive on three point shooting. They missed enough layups for a whole season. Look for them to come out mad on Saturday evening at John Marshall.
The 9th graders play East today at 1:15 in the small gym. They have been racking up some impressive wins as they head toward the end of a terrific season. I believe they are 11-1. The JV team has an identical record. The future looks awful bright for Coach Yester’s program.