Mohigan Journal- January 2

Ralph Murray off to the Middle East

Chad Murray's Dad, Ralph is leaving for the Middle East as a
part of the National Guard Reserves. It is an untimely time for him
to leave as he enjoys nothing better than watching Chad play ball.
As you all know Chad is a senior and this being his senior year
makes this assignment even more difficult. We will all have to help
out with Chad and we will be sending tapes to Kuwait weekly. Please
pray for Ralph and wish him Good Luck as he protects our freedom.

The locker room is finished and it is awesome. The players are
really proud of it and are enjoying it immensely. It gives them a
nice place to hang out and makes them feel special. There have been
many upgrades to our facilities over the last several years. Starting
with the new weight room, then the new gym, side baskets for the
Clyde Gym, and now the new locker room. We understand that our gym
floor will be re-done in the spring or summer. I would like to see
us push for new heating for the Clyde Gym, next. All of these projects
take money and the Morgantown Community continues to generously fork
over the cash. When we have success at the varsity level it makes
things a lot easier. We still need about $1000 to pay for the project
in the locker room. We used money that we have earmarked for the
state tournament. If anyone has ideas, please call Swifty.
We need each player, 9th through Varsity, to send in drinks
for the fridge in the locker room. This helps the players after a
long practice or game.
If you want to see the 9th graders play they will be action
on January 7th (Tuesday) in the Clyde Gym. I have seen many of 9th
graders and their parents at JV and Varsity games this year. It would
be nice to see some of those parents support the 9th graders at their
games. Coach V has a high flying, quick running group of players
and it looks like a really good group.
Until Later.... Go Mohigans!