Mohigan Journal -- March 8, 2003

by Johnny Mo Higan

My last journal entry ended with:
Like I said earlier, WHAT A GAME! I hope the team delivers the same performance for the first round of the sectional tournament. WE know they can do it, and THEY know they can do it, so let’s go for a third win against UHS (Thursday at MHS). I hope we get a full house for that game, and let’s make as much noise then as we did on Saturday. You don’t want to miss that game!

Well, MHS didn’t disappoint! Nine Mohigans put points on the board.

The Mohigans played a hard-fought first quarter with a back-and-forth lead which ended 14-11. Seth Fogarty set the pace with a basket only 45 seconds into the game. Ben Torsney grabbed a few rebounds and made a free-throw but got into foul trouble early, and was replaced by Matt Simpson. Tyler Benson led the Mohigan offense with three perfect 3-pointers, and Kameron Law added another 2 points.

The second quarter continued with the same rapid-fire place. The Mohigans outscored UHS, 20-3. UHS couldn’t get the ball past Simpson or Benson, who both blocked several UHS attempts.. Benson continued to lead the offense, with 8 points. Law and Chad Murray each had 5 points, and Simpson had 2 points, bringing the half-time score to 34-14.

The third quarter began. Would the Mohigans cool off like they did against Parkersburg? Not in the least! Whatever UHS Coach Bruce Clinton said to his team at half-time got the Hawks fired up, and both teams added 15 points to their scores, ending the third quarter 49-29.

Fourth quarter, with no signs of running out of steam. Fogarty made two free-throws and a nice lay-up, to lead the MHS offense. Benson scored his sixth 3-pointer, giving him 25 points for the night. Law hit his second 3-pointer of the night, giving him a total of 10 points for the game. Drew Holt, Tyler Jones, and Torsney hit free throws for a total of 6 points. Vito Minutelli put on a good defensive performance, and added 2 points to the Mohigans score.

Don’t take the final score to mean that UHS didn’t try – they played hard, and kept the pressure on until the end.

The win gave the Mohigans the Region I, Section 2 title. After the final buzzer, players, coaches, and fans swarmed to mid-court to receive the championship plaque.

Tuesday, we’re off to Wheeling, to take on Wheeling Park. GOOD LUCK MOHIGANS!