March 3, 2007
“Great!” That was word that Coach Yester used to describe the performance of our boys against University. And GREAT it was. We beat them with a sheer will to win. We out hustled them, outplayed them, out shot them and out coached them. We shot 11-16 in the second half and were it not for several poor calls by the officials, it could have been a bigger point spread. However, it is sweet to sit here and write about this victory over the best team in University High history (so they were saying). They were good, but had several injuries late in the season and it slowed their momentum. But they offered no excuses and neither did we last year. This team of ours has really stepped it up. There have been numerous lineup changes and roles have changed every game. Someone different has led the team each game it seems. That is what makes up a good team. And apparently, this is a good team. Jay Fletcher was the star of the night in the sectional. He has 17 points and 9 rebounds. He blocked Hawk penetraters, several times as they tried to get to the basket. Now we go on to play Wheeling Park in the regional at the John Marshall Fieldhouse. I look for the game with Park to be tough as they have won several games in a row. We were the last team to beat them. They have a record of 16-7 and are well coached by Michael Jebbia, their new coach. I will write back at the end of this week, until then… Lets Go Mohigans! (and we’re proud of you)

Jan. 3, 2007
Mohigan Journal 1-3-07
A stunning victory over the fifth rated team in the state (Parkersburg South), holding a pesky North Marion team to 32 points, the emergence of Elliott Law, consistent scoring by Taylor Dunn. All signs that there is life left in this Mohigan basketball team. The Varsity team is showing it is a team to be contended with and hopes to keep it going as they travel to Parkersburg South and Elkins later this week. Going to South is always tough, as the Patriots don’t lose there very often 23-3 over the past few years). Our revitalized Mohigans will challenge them!
The JV’s have rolled to a 3-0 record, so far. They defeated North Marion on Tuesday evening. It sure is fun watching Chase Wilson light it up. That is two straight twenty point games for the sharp shooter. What might be more fun to watch is, his teammates passing up their own shot to set him up. Cody Petitte might be the finest sophomore point guard I have seen in some time. I predict he will eventually get some Varsity time this year. When Tyler Anderson gets it going, this team will be tough to stop.C
Coach V’s Freshmen team is 5-0, with their latest victory a 30 point win at North Marion. I watched them take Elkins out a couple of weeks ago, and they showed great depth. Last night Jeff Allen and Jordan Barnette led the way, but every time I look at the box score it is someone different. Their toughest tests are yet to come.
The Varsity and JV’s next home game is Saturday Jan. 13. Their North Marion game will be televised on Channel 3 this Sunday evening at 6:00. The Freshmen return home next Wednesday and Thursday evening (Jan. 10 and 11). Come out and support all these kids…. GO MOHIGANS!

Dec. 11, 2006
The scrimmages are over and the season is set to begin this week. I look for the Varsity to have a tremendous season. Their scrimmage at Beckley was a real success. I thought the first line of players did very well when they were together. However, as is the case most years, Coach Yester used many different combinations together, and it made the score a lot closer. Derek looks real good and will make a tremendous asset to this team. He made some spectacular plays but his timing is still off. There is going to be a lot of help from the bench, as several players showed good promise. I am very impressed with the improvement shown by Craig Carey. He is really scrappy. The Varsity opens up at Preston on Tuesday and plays Capital on Thursday at the Civic Center.

The JV had it handed to them at Beckley. They have a lot of work to do and will be a lot better after the Coaches get some time with them. Petitte and Anderson showed a lot of ability in the two scrimmages.

The 9th grade travels to Wheeling Park on Thursday. Their first two games were postponed for various reasons. I hope those teams will play us later in the season. Its tough to open up with Wheeling Park, but Coach V will have his troops ready. See you at the games.

Nov. 28, 2006
Well, we all know the outcome of the football team’s game at Parkersburg. What a shame! This team started the season with such high hopes and many say ended far short of their potential. I personally feel that a 10-3 season was a success and am very proud of their effort. Now we return JT. Derek and Tyrell to the basketball team (if the coaches pick them). Hopefully some of their success can pass over to our team. It will be fun seeing Derek in a basketball uniform after a year away from the sport he truly loves. He sustained a shoulder injury last year during football, which put him out for last year’s basketball season. It will take these guys time to get their basketball legs back and their skills will take longer as they have not touched a basketball in months.
We still have no official word on the scrimmages next week. Coach Hoffman told me that there is a possibility that both will be held away. The team is scheduled to scrimmage at George Washington and Beckley.
I did some checking on our former players in college and found the following information:
Kameron Law: leading rebounder and starting at West Liberty (3-1)
Tyler Benson: averaging around 10 minutes per game at St. Boneventure (3-2)
Chris Carey: Leading his team at Fairmont State ( 2-1) in scoring
Dustin kerns: scored 10 points in Lebanon Valley’s (2-2) last game
Ben Torsney: averaging 6 points and 5 rebounds at Allegheny (3-0)
John Hatfieled: playing JV at Bethany (no games yet)
John Oliver: sitting out the season at Carnegie Mellon (surgery this past summer)
Marlan Robinson: at WVU (recovering from accident) plans to play next year
I recently spoke with one of the Coaches and found that he was very enthusiastic about this year’s varsity team. He has been pleased about the competitive nature at practice. He was also pleased with the senior leadership, so far. The next two weeks will be very important as this team prepares for a tough start to the season.
Trent Lusk is busy preparing for the television broadcasts of this year’s Varsity games and we are seeking people who wish to fund this worthwhile project. Swifty has put a form that can be used to sign up for advertising during the broadcasts on the website. Trent is currently a junior at MHS and working as an intern for Tony Caridi at WAJR. He plans a career in sports broadcasting.
In closing, I would like to commend Swifty for his work and dedication to the website and to the basketball program. His son graduated long ago and he has continued to volunteer his time. There are many people that do things for our program that stand to receive no gain from it. It is always refreshing to see others give back. We also have several former players that volunteer time working with our boys. Parents are reminded that many before them have made this program what it is. I hope the current crop of parents keep going.

Go Mohigans!

NOV. 14, 2006
New Season Has Arrived
The 2006-07 basketball season opened quietly yesterday at Morgantown High. The success of the football team has once again over shadowed the first practices for this highly anticipated season. Twenty-seven players were at tryouts, not including about eight football players who will get their tryout when football season is over. The most impressive players at practice were returning starters Elliott Law and Cameron Taylor. Taylor dunked his first 18 shots as Coach Yester had his team doing lay up drills. “He is dunking easier than anyone we have had here in some time,” said Coach Yester. “We are looking for big things from him this year.”
As for the speedy Law, he would be seen confusing players on the other team all evening as he used his athletic ability to disrupt the offense of his opposition. “He is a terrific athlete, and has obviously worked hard on his shot,” said Coach Hoffman. “He is going to be a handful for our opponents this year. He has really committed himself during the off season and has several colleges contacting him for next season. He is fun to watch and he really didn't turn it up tonight (Monday). We have to make our cuts by the weekend. Then he will step it up a notch.”

MHS will be without two key seniors JT Lewis and Derek Long who play on the school football team that is in the state playoffs, still. They play Robert C. Byrd High School on Friday evening, November 17. If they make it to the championship game, they will not be in the gym until Dec. 4th. This will put Coach Yester at a distinct disadvantage as his first four opponents are having a full practice with their squads, already. So, keep your fingers crossed as a strong junior class will be put to the test early in the season. My bet is that they come through. Only time will tell!

Go Mohigans!

Nov. 1, 2006
The 2006-07 season, is about to begin as tryouts will begin next week. We are excited about the team this year and the prospect of playing against Huntington and OJ Mayo. But, first we need to take care of business in the NCAC. University and Fairmont West will offer the biggest challenge to our team. UHS will have another good team as they return 3 starters and several key reserves. West will return their entire line up from a 2006 state tournament team. The northern panhandle looks to be evenly matched as John Marshall, Brooke and Wheeling Park will slug it out to earn the right to play the winner of our sectional. Wheeling Park and John Marshall will have coaching changes and new enthusiasm.

Our team has yet to be picked, but several key players return to bring us great optimism. Several players have really improved, but none more than Cameron Taylor and Elliott law. I watched them in a fall league game take over and during a span of 30 seconds come up with back to back slam dunks. Taylor Dunn just had his knee scoped but appears to be set for a return by the beginning of tryouts. Of course every year we have to wait on the return of our football players. But this year, one special addition is anxiously being anticipated. Derek Long appears to be healthy and will return after a years’ absence. He had to sit out last season after shoulder surgery. I know from experience that he is one of the best defenders I have ever seen and will make a great addition to our running game. He is 6’1 and very solid. Some say he is one of the best athletes in the state. Of course we will have an update on the team after it is picked by the coaches.

The word on the street is that several of the games this year will be televised live on channel 3. More information will come out later about that. Tryouts will begin next Monday, Nov. 6 for the freshman and on Nov. 13 for Junior Varsity and Varsity. Players are reminded to get their physicals before the first practice.

I’ll keep you updated,
Johnny Mohigan