November 17, 2007
Hello Mohigan fans,

            My name is Chip Fontanazza from York, Pennsylvania. I am a sophomore broadcast news major at West Virginia University. This coming basketball season I will be helping out with the broadcasts for the Morgantown High boy’s basketball team. I am both honored and excited about this opportunity. When I was in high school I covered local high school football and basketball games for a local radio station and I am happy to be back covering high school sports.

            I got to watch the first practice of the season and everyone on the team seems to mesh together well and had fun around each other. They are great kids and have a great attitude about the game. Having participated and covered high school sports I know that the first thing for any successful team is to get along with each other.

            Talking with both Coach Hoffman and Yester, they say this year’s team is a great mixture of seniors, juniors and sophomores and the team should be in great position to make it back to the state play-offs. Coach Yester appeared to be in mid-season form, yelling as much as Coach Huggins and he even lifted weights with the team!!! The workout he did was tougher than most workouts I do at the university’s Rec Center, he would make me and a lot of my friends look bad. As I was talking to him he was doing curls with 25 pound weights on each side. When I told my roommates they were like, ‘wow, I wish I can still do a workout like that when I am that old’. That answered any questions I had about Coach Yester’s intensity. This should be a fun season for the Mohigans and I am sure the team is looking forward to traveling to Charleston as much as I am.